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We've moved to Liquid Lands!

Cities and countries have moved to our new game at in 2022. CryptoCities 2018 is being maintained for historic reasons because it is one of the first crypto games ever built. You can continue playing it if you want.

As part of this move, gold balances were migrated to LiquidLands on 30 Oct 2022 for conversion to raw bricks. Gold is no longer used in this game. Please see our discord for more information.

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The goal in CryptoCities is to build the biggest empire. This is no easy feat, with many active players fiercely competing to be top dog! In order to be the best you will need to be play strategically, be active, and keep an eye out for opportunities.

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Just about everything you do in CryptoCities centres around locations. You will usually need to own at least one location to get started.

Your First Location

Start by heading over to the marketplace and buying your first location. Bigger more sought after cities are obviously a lot more valuable and will offer advantages over smaller locations, but for your first location pick any size to get started. Even the cheapest location will allow you to start fighting battles.

Size (Points)

Every location has a starting size from 1 to 50 points. This size is a rough measure of the size of the place in the real world. For instance, a big city like London or Beijing will start with 50 points, whereas a small village may start with 10 points.


Most locations (generally size 3 and up) will have certain features. They give each location certain capabilities. Locations can have up to five features, depending on how big they are.


If a location is available for sale then it's price will be displayed in ETH. This price can be set to any value by its owner at any time. If you want to buy a location then click to buy it and you will be prompted to submit the payment in MetaMask. Assuming the correct gas is sent, you should receive the location within a few minutes.


Rarity score is a rough measure of how rare a location is. The main components of rarity are the location's size and features. Rarity is subjective, so please only use this as a guideline.


Every location has been verified using country official census data and google maps. When you own a location, you are the only person that can own it. The coordinates for every location are recorded in the blockchain.


Once you own a location you can capture the territory around it. Territory is color coded as follows:

Blue Squares: Belong to the location

Red Squares: Belong to another location (enemy)

Green Squares: Belong to another location (which you own)

Empty Squares: Not claimed yet

Home Square

Your home square is the center square with a slightly darker border. It is the square that contains your location. It could also contain other locations. You can always attack and claim territory around your home square.

Adjacent Squares

You can only perform actions on territory that is yours or is adjacent to one of your blue squares or home square. Adjacent means above, below, or to the side, and does not include diagonal.

Daily Move

Every day you get one daily move per location. You can use this daily move to claim an empty square or to strengthen one of your existing territories.

Unclaimed Territory

If a territory has not been claimed yet then it will not have a color. You can claim it by hovering over it and clicking the blue plus icon. Claiming a square will use your one daily move.


When you capture a territory it will reset to full strength (this is used in battles). Gradually over time the strength diminishes to zero, making it weak and vulnerable to attack. The more faded the color of a square, the weaker it is. You can use your one daily move to strengthen a territory back to full strength. In order to do this hover over a blue square and click when the blue fist icon is displayed.


You can attack a red square that is next to one of yours by hovering over it and clicking the blue axe icon. Your battle options are then displayed in the right sidebar. There is no limit to the number of attacks that you can make each day. When a square is captured it can be attacked back after 24 hour.

Undo Move

If you use a move to strengthen or claim empty territory then you have a minute to undo that move if you change your mind. If an action icon is pulsing then hover over it an click to cancel it.


Battles are how you capture territory from other players. They require some strategic thinking if you want to win the majority of them. You can win more battles if you are careful to pick those with the best odds.

How They Work

Battles are run through a randomized process of drawing scored rounds. Based on each drawn round the attacker and defender will earn a score. The one with the highest score wins the battle. Although part of the process is random, many of the battle inputs are visible before the start, giving the attacker strategic insight into their odds.

Territory Strength (defender)

A big factor affecting the outcome of a battle is the strength of the territory. The defender gets +20 score for territory that is at full strength, but +0 for completely weak territory. You should therefor focus your attacks on weak territory to improve your chances of winning. To improve your defence you should regularly strengthen your weak territory.

Element Of Surprise (Attacker)

The attacker will get +0 to +15 score depending on the type of attack they choose.

Fatigue (Both)

Every time you do a battle you become fatigued. This fatigue subtracts 3 from your next battle, but this penalty gradually decreases over the next 60 mins. It does accumulate though, so doing two battles back-to-back will penalize you -6 score on your next battle and will take 120 mins to decrease. This fatigue penalty will also be added when you are defending against attacks, so be careful not to leave yourself too exposed.

Size & Proximity (Both)

Both the attacker and defender will get a score for how close they are to the territory square being attacked. If it's their home square the score will be +5, but if it's further away it will diminish. The rate it diminishes depends on the size of the location. The way to think of this is that bigger cities can 'project power' to territory further away from their home square than smaller locations can.

Random Feature Rounds

The random part of the score is generated using random feature rounds. Rounds are randomly selected in turn for both the attacker and defender. Depending on the feature that is selected the round will score +3 to +15. The locations features are used for this purpose, but are 'topped up' randomly with other features.

Country Bonus

If the attacker or defender owns the country that the battle is being fought in then they will receive a +2 bonus in the battle.

Big Cities

Big cities with many level 5 features will experience slightly higher odds of winning (between 0% and 5% depending on the starting score).

Your Odds

If the above sounds complicated, just know that the higher your starting score going into a battle the better your odds. If you pick your battles carefully you can feasibly win 80% of your battles over the long-run.

winning odds
 +0.0   50.0%
 +2.5   55.0%
 +5.0   64.5%
 +7.5   73.0%
+10.0   80.5%
+12.5   86.7%
+15.0   89.0%
+17.5   91.4%
+20.0   94.7%

winning odds
 +0.0   50.0%
 +2.5   55.0%
 +5.0   64.5%
 +7.5   73.0%
+10.0   80.5%
+12.5   86.7%
+15.0   89.0%
+17.5   91.4%
+20.0   94.7%


Gold was an in-game resource originally used in CryptoCities, but was removed when we migrated to Liquid Lands. Players would earn gold from the locations and countries they owned, and the territory they conquered. It was spent doing battles. It's important to note that it was not a token.

On the 30th of October 2022 all gold balances were moved to Liquid Lands. So if you had gold in CrpytoCities you automatically received the same amount in your Liquid Lands account on that day. Then a gradual conversion process started on that day converting 1 gold to 1 raw brick each day. These daily conversions appear in your history on Liquid Lands.


Most 3+ point locations have features (and some 2 point locations too). These are fictional characteristics and do not bear any resemblance to their real world counterparts.


All features have a level. Level 1 is the lowest level and level 5 is the most advanced. Small locations can generally only have a few low level features, while big cities can have many high level features. Higher level features are more rare.


Some features are very common and can be found in just about any size location. For example, Food and Water can be found anywhere. Other features are much more rare and can only be found in bigger towns and cities. For example, Diplomacy and Research can only be found in 27 point locations or higher.

Special Features

Some special features do exist for other purposes. For example, there are some Gem features that are used during discovery phases of the game. There is also an Early Bird feature which is a pending reward for some early players.


Features are currently used in battles to provide some random scored rounds. A big city with many level 5 features will experience slightly better odds in battle depending on the circumstances (0% to 5%). But this is generally outweighed by other factors.



Every location has points, which is a rough measure of it's size. Larger locations can be enhanced to increase their size.

This is a small location with a tiny population.

This is a mega city with a population in the millions.

This is an enhanced location that has been increased in size by its owner.

Basic Points

A location will start off with basic points from 1 to 50. This is roughly based on its population size in the real world. These points are hard coded into the smart contract and can never change. Countries have 75 points, continents have 150 points, and the world has 250 points.

Enhanced Points

Historically smaller locations could be bundled into larger locations. We have discontinued this capability so it is no longer possible to do new bundling. But some bundles do already exist and you can unbundle these smaller locations at any time.


The total points of a location currently provide a small boost to battles that take place further away from your home square. This means big cities are able to project power further away from home. When battles are taking place close to home then points do not provide any benefit.

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