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We use cookie files which are stored on your browser, or the hard drive of your computer or the memory of your mobile device. They help us to provide you with a secure service.
Consent Exempted

The session and security cookies that we use do not require consent as per the exemptions provided in the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations for these types of cookies:

"session cookies providing security that is essential to comply with data protection security requirements for an online service the user has requested..."

All our cookies are used for website security. We do not use cookies for other purposes, such as tracking or preference storage.

Third Party Cookies

Our integration partners may also use cookies, over which we have no control. An example is Google analytics, which we use to analyse our website performance. These cookies are set by them and help us collect statistical information. This information is invaluable for helping us continually improve our website. We only integrate with partners that we consider trustworthy.

Removing Cookies

If you would like to remove our cookies then please visit this page. This will log you out of twiends and will remove the cookies from your browser. You can also delete cookies directly in your browser settings.

The Cookies We Use

Here is a list of the cookies we use:

ASP.NET_SessionId - This cookie is used to uniquely identify your session whenever you visit the website.

AUTH091 - This cookie is used to 'log you in' to the website. It is encrypted and reset every time you log in or out.

Thba - This cookie is used to provide enhanced session security to returning users.

addr, addr_active, addr_token - These cookies are used to provide your metamask address with a secure session to the server (i.e. wallet sign-in).

__utma to __utmz - These cookies are standard cookies used by Google analytics. All websites that integrate with Google analytics will have these present.