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Discover, Collect & Trade CryptoCities

We've built a crypto asset for games on Ethereum with a unique twist. The assets need to be discovered by you, and can then be sold to those who want to use them in games. Every town, village and city on Earth needs to be discovered. You can collect them, use them, or trade them for a profit.

Phase 1: Discovery & Land Grab (Started)

All locations will be available for discovery. Discoveries start small, but grow in size as your points increase. You will need to own at least one location before you can make a discovery. The race will be on to see who will discover the high-value mega-cities!

Phase 2: Games Integrating (± 3 months)

An API currently in development will be released in the next few months, allowing games to integrate with CryptoCities directly. Game developers will be able to use location assets in their games and will receive commission for any sales made via their games. This is when we expect buyer demand for locations to increase substantially.

Crypto Asset for Games

At it's heart CryptoCities is a platform for games running in the blockchain. It provides locations as crypto assets that can be used in games. If you own an location in CryptoCities you own it in any game that uses the platform.

Game Dynamics: Rather than do a token sale or ICO, we've built our seeding process with game dynamics in mind. Location assets have to be earned through discovery, and this is gamified using points and experience. Those who do well at discovery stand in line to profit the most from the assets they collect.

API: Games will be able to integrate with CryptoCities via both the blockchain and a REST API. Using the API they will be able to query location, ownership, feature, and points information. We also have plans to provide meta data for all locations allowing developers to create even richer game experiences.

Developer Commissions: We believe developers should be rewarded for their work, so they will receive commission for asset sales made via their games. This commission system is built directly into our Ethereum smart contract.

Network Effect: A player that owns a location will automatically be able to use that location in every game that uses CryptoCities. That means that players entering the ecosystem via one game are likely to try out other games too, especially if they have an economic incentive to do so. We feel that this will create a strong network effect.

Trade & Profit (Sustainably)

With so many 'fly-by-nights' in the crypto space, we're proud to set our sights on creating a crypto asset with real long-term utility. Here are some key features:

Limited Supply: There is a limited supply of locations in CryptoCities. During the discovery process we validate the coordinates of the discovered location, and ensure that no duplicates exist. It is also validated as appearing on Google Maps by human moderators. The latitude and longitude is then immutably recorded in the blockchain forever. Once discovered it can not be changed or destroyed, it can only be traded. We estimate that there will be a total supply of roughly 1 million location assets once the discovery process concludes.

Early Mover Advantage: The discovery process has a time and experience element to it. It takes multiple discoveries before larger more-valuable locations can be discovered, effectively creating a race to get to the most valuable discoveries. We have structured this process so that users can trade and profit from the assets they collect.

Increasing Utility: As games start to integrate with CryptoCities, locations will start to take on increasing utility. Players may need locations with certain features in order to achieve certain goals, and they will seek out these features in the marketplace. They may also need to control regions of a game world, and will seek to acquire locations within these regions in order to do so.

Increasing Demand: Speculation is a strong driver in the crypto space, and we expect some speculative traders to buy these assets in anticipation of new games and players needing them. Although this is not core to our business model, it will provide positive liquidity to the market for these assets.

Your Funds: We don't want to hold your earnings for you, so our default process is to pay out marketplace earnings immediately to the seller. This has been built directly into our smart contract.

Fee Optimized: We have set low marketplace fees at 3.9% in order to facilitate trading and long-term adoption. We have also highly optimized our smart contract to keep gas costs as low as possible. We are proud to be able acheive gas usage as low as 30k to 50k for most transactions. This means that Ethereum gas fees are a few cents in non-congested times.

Asset, Location, or Token?

You can classify this as a Non-Fungible Token for games, although we tend to use the terms asset or location. You can also call these towns or cities, although some places are technically small-holdings, hamlets, and villages.

No Token Sale: We decided against doing a token sale because we felt that the discovery process would be better for long-term adoption. Rather than asking you to send us all your cash up-front, our business model is built on the premise that we'll make money if you make money

The Discovery Process

The primary goal here is to validate and store every location on Earth in the blockchain as virtual assets. The next goal is to distribute these assets in a fun and fair way between users. We've gamified this process in some interesting ways:

Location points need to be gained in order to make bigger discoveries. You can buy or rent locations to grow your points faster.

Requirements increase between discoveries, making larger discoveries harder to find and even more valuable.

Features improve based on the features you have in your existing locations.

Early movers will be the ones to make the most valuable large city discoveries.


Every location gives you points. The more points you have the larger the discoveries you can make. Points are roughly graded based on population size.

This is a small location with a tiny population.

This is a mega city with a population in the millions.

Renting a location transfers the points to the renter for the duration of the rental.


Features are virtual characteristics found in locations. Some are very common and found in many places, while others are rare and only found in a few places.

All features are fictional. They give games a way to allocate resources to players.

Some features are advanced and will give their owners key capabilities in games.

Other features are extremely rare and will be very sought after in the marketplace.

Owners, Players, or Crypto Investors?

CryptoCities is unique in how it brings gamers and crypto investors together. As one of the first game platforms built on Ethereum, it will allow developers to create games with strong economic incentives. We've built it so that everyone gets a piece of the value created: from the person that discovers a location, to the player that owns and uses it, all the way through to the game developer that integrates with it. We feel it provides an ownership layer that will revolutionize games going forward.

We Use MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that sits right in your browser. It allows you send and receive Ether directly on a website, while allowing you to keep full control over your funds. Every transaction has to be approved by you, ensuring that your funds are kept secure. Once you have installed MetaMask you will be able to trade locations directly on CryptoCities. You will also receive Ether payments directly to your wallet for your marketplace earnings.