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Collect, Trade & Conquer CryptoCities

CryptoCities is a pioneering strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Real towns, villages and cities are discovered over time and traded for profit. Fight battles, conquer territory, earn gold, and build your empire.

A Crypto Collectable

CryptoCities are assets that you can collect, trade, and profit from over the long-run. We know that the long-term value of any asset is its actual utility over time, so we are building an awesome strategy game to put these assets to work. We're growing our player numbers in order to create lasting demand for these assets.

Build Your Empire

The territory around your cities is ripe for conquering. When you win a battle you capture and control that piece of territory, until someone else captures it. The more you control the more powerful your empire becomes!

Earn Gold

You earn gold from every piece of territory you control, as well as every location you own. The more gold you gain, the more battles you can wage. Pretty soon you will be able to use your gold to enhance your cities too.

Develop Your Strategy

Your territory starts off strong but weakens over time. This makes it an easier target for attackers, so be sure to strengthen it regularly. Every battle increases your fatigue, which then takes a few hours to return to normal. While you are fatigued it is harder to win battles, so be sure to rest between battles.

New Players Can Win

We've built our battle engine so that small locations can compete with bigger ones, ensuring that new players can participate. The main difference is that big cities can project power further from home.


Every location has points, which is a rough measure of it's size. Larger locations can be enhanced to increase their size.

This is a small location with a tiny population.

This is a mega city with a population in the millions.

This is an enhanced location that has been increased in size by its owner.


Features are virtual characteristics found in locations. They are currently used in battles, but will play an important part in future updates.

All features are fictional. They will give us a way to allocate resources to players.

Some features are advanced and will give their owners key capabilities in future.

Other features are extremely rare and will be sought after in the marketplace.


  • Discovery Phase 2018
    For the first few months players were able to discover an initial batch of locations. A few thousand were discovered, providing enough locations to get the game started.
  • Countries 2018
    Countries & continents were added. Many of these were allocated as bounties to players. These will play a key role in all parts of the game.
  • Territory 2018
    Territory can be captured around your locations, but it is limited, and you will have to fight hard to keep it. This is the main way to earn gold.
  • Gold 2018
    Gold is how you build your empire. You earn it from your locations and territory, and can use it to do battles. Soon you will be able to buy stuff with it too.
  • Battles 2018
    Battles are how you compete with other players in order to capture territory. You need to choose your battles carefully if you want to win them.

Coming Up

Please note that anything below this point is subject to change. Priorities may change based on how the needs of the game evolve.

  • Resources 2019
    Your cities will be able to produce resources which are needed in the game. These will be influenced by their size and features.
  • Buildings 2019
    Buildings will allow you to enhance your cities with new capabilities, such as being able to produce certain types of resources. This will increase the value of your cities.
  • Units & Military 2019
    Once we have thriving economies in place we will be able to produce units. These will increase game strategy.
  • Alliances & Teams 2020
    Players will be able to join forces in order to control parts of the map. This will elevate game play to a global level.
  • Mayors 2020
    You will be able to install mayors in your cities in order to enhance them. These will give you some benefits in battle, and enable you to build certain types of buildings.
Asset, Location, or Token?

You can classify this as a Non-Fungible Token for games, although we tend to use the terms asset or location. You can also call these towns or cities, although some places are technically small-holdings, hamlets, and villages.

Owners, Players, Investors & Developers

CryptoCities is unique in how it brings gamers and crypto investors together. As one of the first game platforms built on Ethereum, it will allow developers to create games with strong economic incentives. We've built it so that everyone gets a piece of the value created: from the person that discovers a location, to the player that owns and plays with it, all the way through to the game developer that integrates with it. We feel it provides an ownership layer that will revolutionize games going forward.

Crypto Asset for Games

At its heart CryptoCities is a platform for games running in the blockchain. It provides locations as crypto assets that can be used in any game, not just ours. If you own a location in CryptoCities you own it in any game that uses our platform.

API: Other games will be able to integrate with CryptoCities via both the blockchain and a REST API. Using the API they will be able to query location, ownership, feature, and points information.

Developer Commissions: We believe developers should be rewarded for their work, so they will receive commission for asset sales made via their games. This commission system is built directly into our Ethereum smart contract.

Network Effect: A player that owns a location will automatically be able to use that location in every game that uses CryptoCities. That means that players entering the ecosystem via one game are likely to try out other games too, especially if they have an economic incentive to do so.

Limited Supply: There is a limited supply of locations in CryptoCities. During the discovery process we validated the coordinates of each location, ensuring that no duplicates existed, and checked that they appeared in Google Maps. Locations can't be changed or destroyed, and less than 10,000 exist in the contract today.

Increasing Utility: As the number of players grow, locations will start to provide increasing utility. Players may need locations with certain features or in a certain regions, making them more sought after in the marketplace.

Our Smart Contracts

Locations Contract   Countries Contract   Marketplace Contract   Embeds Contract   Utility Contract  

Multiple Contracts: We have a various smart contracts that implement different aspects of the game platform, such as location ownership, countries, the marketplace and dividends, city enhancement, etc.

Your Funds: We don't want to hold your funds, so we pay out all marketplace earnings immediately. This has been built directly into our smart contract.

Fee Optimized: We have set low marketplace fees at 3.9% in order to grow long-term adoption. We have also highly optimized our smart contract to keep gas costs as low as possible. We are proud to be able achieve gas usage as low as 30k to 50k for most transactions.

We Use MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that sits right in your browser. It allows you send and receive Ether directly on a website, while allowing you to keep full control over your funds. Every transaction has to be approved by you, ensuring that your funds are kept secure. Once you have installed MetaMask you will be able to trade locations directly on CryptoCities. You will also receive Ether payments directly to your wallet for your marketplace earnings.