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Collect & Conquer CryptoCities

CryptoCities is a strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain, where real towns, villages and cities are discovered over time. Each has unique features that will influence all future game evolution.

NFT of 2018 Vintage

Ok, so we didn't quite graduate from the school of 2016 or 2017, but we did mint our first NFT's in February 2018 and we did a couple of interesting things - like storing the latitude and longitude of every city on the blockchain. To be clear though, we've moved away from storing metadata on the chain going forward.

We know that NFT Archaeologists are interested in older tokens, so we're doing our best to ensure we preserve the fidelity of our early work. Even though we have provided an upgraded smart contract for ERC-721 NFT's, we still wrap our original tokens so that they are not lost. We don't burn them. The owner of any upgraded ERC-721 NFT is also the entitled owner of the originally minted token too.

v1 Empire Building

The territory around your cities is ripe for conquering. When you win a battle you capture and control that piece of territory, until someone else captures it. The more you control the more powerful your empire becomes!

Wage Battles

You can attack the territory around your own. When you are successful the territory becomes yours, and you can then use it to reach further afield.

Develop Your Strategy

Your territory starts off strong but weakens over time. This makes it an easier target for attackers, so be sure to strengthen it regularly. Every battle increases your fatigue, which then takes a few hours to return to normal. While you are fatigued it is harder to win battles, so be sure to rest between battles.

New Players Can Win

We've built our battle engine so that small locations can compete with bigger ones, ensuring that new players can participate. The main difference is that big cities can project power further from home.


Every location has points, which is a rough measure of its size. Larger locations can be enhanced to increase their size.

This is a small location with a tiny population.

This is a mega city with a population in the millions.


Features are virtual characteristics found in locations. They are currently used in battles, but will play an important part in future updates.

All features are fictional. They will give us a way to allocate resources to players.

Some features are advanced and will give their owners key capabilities in future.

City, Location, or NFT?

All our cities are NFT's, but it should be noted that not all our cities are cities. We've included many smaller towns and villages in the game initially, but these will probably all be displaced by bigger towns and cities over time. In order to ensure scarcity our smart contract has a token limit of 25,000 NFT’s.

Our Smart Contracts



ERC-721 Support: Our latest smart contract supports ERC-721, which is the standard for NFT's today. Most of our NFT's will live in this smart contract going forward although we do wrap and preserve the tokens from the original contract.

Your Funds: We don't want to hold your funds, so we pay out all marketplace earnings immediately. This has been built directly into our smart contract.

We Use MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that sits right in your browser. It allows you send and receive Ether directly on a website, while allowing you to keep full control over your funds. Every transaction has to be approved by you, ensuring that your funds are kept secure. Once you have installed MetaMask you will be able to trade locations directly on CryptoCities. You will also receive Ether payments directly to your wallet for your marketplace earnings.